"Every artist dips his paintbrush into the ink of his own soul, and paints his very nature into his pictures."
Henry Ward Beecher

We made it to 2019!

Happy new year!
Now that 2018 is over, we can start getting ready for all the new conventions.
Head on over to the exhibits page to find out all the information on our upcoming events!
First up is the Calgary Comic Expo, in April!

Many things have been changing with new ownership of the expos in Alberta. I know many of you had a hard time finding us in last year's Calgary Expo. Now that it is owned by Fan Expo there are many changes. Follow us on our Facebook Page to keep up-to-date on our booth locations!

BromleyDesigns is ready for an adventure!
We are looking into traveling Canada for more expos and conventions. Have a provence you want us to stop by in? Let us know on our Facebook Page, or through this site's contact form!

Commission Status!

For more up-to-date information on commissions check out my facebook or instagram pages! Currently Between January and March all commissions will be open, and for anyone attending the Calgary Expo in April you can pick up your completed commissions at my booth. If you're attending, this is a much nicer alternative when ordering the large canvas paintings, as shipping can be a bit expensive. For everyone who has ordered Pokemon art cards, all of the winter batches have been delivered, more will be available for commission {during the months of January - March} assorted cards will be available at my booth in April! Check out my instagram or facebook for more details on the art cards, or the "Exhibits" page on this site for convention dates.

Need something new?

Want to read something new?
Check out one of the online comics below!

on the Edge of Preception

Follow Tarren, as she's sucked into an alternate reality. Where creatures of the mind and dreams roam free. And where those who dream are killed on sight.

Good for all ages.


Like James Bond, comics, and foxes? Like gun fights and spy tech? Than this is a comic for you. Follow Agent Fox on his adventures, as he reajusts to his new station in life.

For mature readers.
Contains violence and sensitive material.