"Every artist dips his paintbrush into the ink of his own soul, and paints his very nature into his pictures."
Henry Ward Beecher

2017 New Year, New Conventions!

Happy new year!
Now that 2017 is here we can start getting ready for all the new conventions.
Head on over to the exhibits page to find out all the information on our upcoming events!
First up is the Calgary Comic Expo, in April!

New Look!

As my portfolio, and the number of conventions and exhibits that I attend grow, so must my website. I'd like to thank everyone for their patience as I rebuilt. I will now have a page here that will list all the conventions of the year that I will be attending. {No more for 2015! Three are lined up for next year, however! Stay tuned for info!}

Need something new?

Want to read something new?
Check out one of the online comics below!

on the Edge of Preception

Follow Tarren, as she's sucked into an alternate reality. Where creatures of the mind and dreams roam free. And where those who dream are killed on sight.

Good for all ages.


Like James Bond, comics, and foxes? Like gun fights and spy tech? Than this is a comic for you. Follow Agent Fox on his adventures, as he reajusts to his new station in life.

For mature readers.
Contains violence andsensitive material.